Friday , January 21 2022 uses AI to identify and protect sensitive company data

Start of network analytical data recognition Today, Stealth was created with $ 14 million in funding. The company, whose products are designed to help companies automatically and continuously identify repositories that process, store and share confidential information, plans to use the funds primarily for platform development and customer acquisition.

Overall, companies often have difficulty keeping sensitive data away from prying eyes. A 2019 survey On behalf of Egress, 83% of security experts found that employees disclosed customer or business information in their company via email, file sharing services, collaboration tools, and messaging apps. These are costly mistakes – fines for GDPR violations, one of the most far-reaching data protection laws, amount to over $ 22.5 million, or 4% of a group's worldwide annual sales.

1touch claims to prevent this through a combination of AI, machine learning and natural language processing. The Inventa platform detects things like network and app analytics, file systems, databases, individual files (including PDFs, Word documents and images), folders and cloud APIs and analyzes them using a number of proprietary algorithms. The platform inventories the various data lines in a main catalog, which IT administrators can use for data protection regulations, risk management, security and data management.

According to 1touch, the system works with data in motion and at rest, structured and unstructured as well as in self-developed and commercially available apps. Rather than relying on a company's knowledge of the existence or location of data, it “reads and understands” data and links the parts to the above in a diagram presented as PPI (Personal Identifier Information) inventory Catalog.

Inventa correlates personal data and related data (e.g., browsing, history, and transactions) to enable what it claims to be a "more accurate" picture of people's data and behavior. Thanks to this approach, searching the catalog for unique identifiers retrieves related information such as location and usage, and multiple locations of unique PPIs are automatically merged into one. also offers a ticketing system that autonomously responds to data requests from customers. A link to the catalog is established via an API, and authorized parties can contest, delete, or change data at will.

The 33-member, three-year-old company has offices in Israel where it was founded, and the U.S. National Grid Partners and Jerusalem Venture Partners contributed to the funding round. The total of has been increased to $ 16 million, at least part of which will be spent on expanding the workforce to 65 through 2021. competes with well-funded startups in the $ 120 billion data protection market. In May, Dathena raised $ 12 million for its AI solution that monitors and classifies sensitive corporate data. Compliance startup OneTrust recently raised $ 210 million with a valuation of $ 2.7 billion. And Bitglass grossed $ 70 million to monitor and secure employee devices by classifying corporate data.

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