A roadtrip to Nikko for a difference in pace!



Hi. I'm Yurina from the understudy bunch mof. The previous summer, my companion and I went to Nikko in Tochigi
prefecture. It is not difficult to go there via train from Tokyo, and we could partake in a great deal regardless of whether it is a roadtrip.
This time, I'd like to present a portion of the spots in Nikko that you ought to remember!

Let's go! From Shinjuku to Nikko
We took the restricted express "Nikko-go" from Shinjuku to Tobu Nikko station without evolving trains!
It took us around 2 hours to show up at Nikko, partaking in the changing landscape from the train window.

Nikko Station

Assuming that you purchase a free pass for the transport at the station, you can involve the transport as a fundamental method for
transport at a rebate. Notwithstanding, there are a wide range of kinds of free passes accessible, so it's best
to check ahead of time! This time we needed to go to Kegon Falls, so we utilized "Chuzenji Onsen Free
Pass" (grown-up 2,000 yen, legitimate for two days).

Dazzling! Nikko Toshogu, a World Heritage Site
The primary spot we visited was Nikko Toshogu Shrine, which is one of the most well known World Heritage
destinations in Nikko. It is an absolute necessity when you come to Nikko. The beautiful carvings and enrichments just
overpowered me!

Nikko Toshogu Shrine

I advanced interestingly this day that the height of the area around Nikko Toshogu Shrine and the
stature of Sky Tree (634m) are practically a similar tallness!

Figures of Nikko Toshogu Shrine

"The figures of Nikko Toshogu, like the "Three Monkeys" and the "Sleeping Cat", are too
worth seeing.

"Three monkeys" and "Sleeping feline

Nikko Futarasan Shrine, a well known power spot
Nikko Futarasan Shrine (Futarasan-san) is a famous power spot. It is renowned as a spot for petitioning God for
great connections among individuals, and is particularly suggested for ladies.

Nikko Futarasan Shrine

Up close and personal with Naruki Dragon (Yakushido)
The Narukiryu (Crying Dragon) in Yakushido is a spot not to be missed. Whenever you play the clappers
straightforwardly under the dragon's face painted on the roof, you can hear the dragon's cry as though it were
moving a ringer in reverberation. A priest will really show this for you!

The ringing mythical serpent ringer

Mountain landscape with hiking trail and view of beautiful lakes Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal.

I couldn't oppose purchasing a ringing mythical serpent ringer coming back. We were not permitted to take photographs
inside, so you ought to visit face to face!

Yuba tomato ramen for lunch
We had a one of a kind lunch in Nikko, which is well known for its yuba. The fact that this menu has been makes it said
highlighted on TV. We ate up everything at a time!

Yuba tomato ramen

Kegon cascade with overpowering power
Kegon cascade is one of the most popular cascades in Nikko. At the survey stage where you can
see the cascade very close, the splash from the cascade is astounding. The air was obvious to the point that I felt like
my body and brain were sanitized.

Kegon Waterfall

Lake Chuzenji
A short stroll from Kegon Falls is Lake Chuzenji.

Lake Chuzenji

Pudding made with fixings from Nikko
We had a rich mix of delicate frozen yogurt and pudding. It's a test of skill and endurance to get the
photograph on the grounds that the delicate frozen yogurt dissolves excessively fast.

Delicate frozen yogurt and pudding made with fixings created in Nikko

The station working of JR Nikko station which we utilized returning was likewise charming and retro.

The station working of JR Nikko station

What is your take? At the point when we visited there, we could know the World Heritage as well as
different charms of Nikko! Why don't you visit Nikko for a change?

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