Wednesday , September 22 2021

Cameron Roy Russell

Cameron Roy Russell is a 26 years old local activist who enjoys podcasting, walking and stealing candy from babies. He is energetic, but can also be very untrustworthy and a bit sadistic.

How scientists use supercomputers to fight COVID-19

In addition to the White House Office for Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), IBM announced in March, this would help coordinate efforts to provide hundreds of petaflops to researchers researching the coronavirus. As part of the newly launched COVID-19 HPC (High Performance Computing) consortium, IBM has committed to help evaluate …

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How to change your inbox layout in Gmail

Gmail offers you several customizable formats – so many that you can have multiple Gmail accounts and all look completely different. For example, you can save all your emails in a long list, split your messages into several tabs, or split your inbox into unread and read messages. There are …

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Wave raises $ 30 million for superstars to host virtual concerts

waveThe virtual concert company, which enables live music in virtual environments, has raised $ 30 million. Wave uses broadcast and gaming technology to create them Motion capture performances by artists and transform them into animated characters in virtual worlds. The company also works with music labels, management companies and independent …

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fesh. makes building an online shop quick and easy

With so many traditional businesses closing due to the corona virus threat, selling online has never been so important. But what if you don't know first how to switch your personal business to the huge internet landscape? Don't worry, fesh. is here to help. fesh. is a powerful all-in-one shopping …

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Gmail for iPad now supports split view multitasking

The latest update for Gmail for iPad has long-awaited support for Split-view multitaskingThis means that you no longer need to open the full Gmail screen to check or send new emails. According to Google, the function works with all other iOS apps that support multi-tasking with split view. You need …

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