Saturday , January 22 2022


Rogue Games adds 5 mobile games to the Google Play Pass

Rogue Games will soon launch five new games for the Google Play Pass mobile game subscription service. The games are Outsider, The Arcade, Bright Paw, Olo Loco and Super Glitch Dash. They are Rogue's first titles to debut on the new Google service, which puts together a collection of games …

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How scientists use supercomputers to fight COVID-19

In addition to the White House Office for Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), IBM announced in March, this would help coordinate efforts to provide hundreds of petaflops to researchers researching the coronavirus. As part of the newly launched COVID-19 HPC (High Performance Computing) consortium, IBM has committed to help evaluate …

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fesh. makes building an online shop quick and easy

With so many traditional businesses closing due to the corona virus threat, selling online has never been so important. But what if you don't know first how to switch your personal business to the huge internet landscape? Don't worry, fesh. is here to help. fesh. is a powerful all-in-one shopping …

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Some important reading and research on race and technology

At this extraordinary moment in US history, the evils of racism become clear. It's no secret that technology has played a role in promoting and spreading racism. This is an ideal time to read, listen and learn. Below are many resources – research, articles, and books – that deal with …

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