Eat this when you visit Korea! Korea Gourmet Trip


This time, I would like to introduce some of the delicious foods that I ate on my trip to Korea. You
know, one of the best things about travelling in Korea is the Korean food! So I've carefully selected
some of the most delicious gourmet food I've actually eaten.

I know it's not easy to travel abroad at the moment, but I hope this helps you when you do go to

Myeongdong] Tum Serramen
The main branch of Tum Serramen is located in Myeongdong, which is known as the Harajuku district
of Korea.

It is so popular that it has become an instant noodle shop, so many of you probably know it!

The entrance to the shop is on the first floor of a building and at first glance doesn't look like a
restaurant, so be warned!

The entrance to the restaurant is on the second floor of a building, and at first glance it doesn't look
like a restaurant.


The menu consists of only a few types of ramen, rice and kimbap (Korean-style seaweed rolls).

I'm not a big fan of spicy food, so I went for the less spicy cheese pargetk (cheese + chilli + egg + rice
cake ramen).


Best of all, the soup stock and cheese go together perfectly! Many spicy ramen noodles are so spicy
that you can't taste them, but you can really enjoy the taste of the soup.

If you don't like spicy food, try the cheese pargetteok!

Hongdae] Joseon Furnace Kui
Hongdae's next restaurant is Chosun Fireplace Gueye, which has been visited by many celebrities
including BIGBANG.


I always recommend this place to my friends who are looking for a place to eat Korean beef.

We asked the waitress and ordered what she recommended! Everything was tender and juicy. The
meat is tender and juicy, and you can eat it with sesame oil, salt or gochujang. I also remember being
impressed by all the salads and side dishes on the side!

I would also like to recommend the friendly and helpful mothers at the shop.

Milestone Coffee
With so many trendy cafes in Korea, it can be hard to choose the right one.

Milestone Coffee is famous for its cute tiramisu and latte art.

Image of Grand Canal in Venice, with Santa Maria della Salute Basilica in the background.


The interior is warm and inviting, with dim lighting and wooden interiors!

Dogs are allowed in the shop, so there were many customers with their pets.

Let's regain our strength with a delicious latte and a relaxing atmosphere!

Recommended Gourmet Eating
No matter what time of year it is, Myeongdong and Hongdae are lined with night stalls and crowded
with tourists.

Here you can enjoy not only the familiar Japanese delicacies such as hotteok, tteokbokki and kimpa,
but also soul food that can only be found in Korea!

The first one we'll introduce you to is kelangbang (egg bread).


I thought this bread would be too salty, but it tasted more like a pancake with eggs dropped into a
slightly sweet batter! It's a taste you won't find in Japan, and I think it's something you can only enjoy
in Korea.

The second item on our list is the tanghulu.

Tanghul is a kind of candied fruit, similar to Japanese candy apples.


In Japan, it's mostly apples, but in Korea there's a wide variety of fruit candies! You can often find
strawberry and grape dumplings.

Strawberry dumplings are becoming more and more popular in Japan, but Korean dumplings are
much cheaper and more plentiful.

It's a great palate cleanser after a spicy meal!

So, what do you think?

No matter how many times you travel to Korea, you'll never get enough of its gourmet delights!

I feel very sorry that I can't travel abroad at the moment. I'm not able to travel abroad at the
moment, which is a shame, but I'll be waiting for the day when I can.

I hope this article will make you want to go to Korea!

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