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eSkootr is a high-speed electric scooter racing series that starts in 2021

A group of Formula 1 and Formula E drivers starts a new racing series in which competitors compete against each other on ultra-fast, specially manufactured electric scooters. The series – called the "Electric Scooter Championship" or "eSkootr" – is scheduled to start in 2021, and the launch video shows drivers whizzing through the city streets TronVehicles in style and with matching equipment with a neon accent.

Unfortunately there are only a few other details about the series, e.g. B. how it will be financed or who its competitors will be. All organizers say that the affordability of the category removes the high entry barrier of most other motorsport series and, due to its versatility, can be recruited from a really different cross section of competitors – including racers, cyclists, skaters, snowboarders, motorcyclists and even sports racers. "

However, anyone participating in competitions will find themselves in a remarkably risky position, as the scooters are said to be able to reach outrageous top speeds of around 100 kilometers per hour. They will be equipped with large platforms, fat tires and full springs to drive so fast – at least according to the start video. However, even at a specially built vehicle and first-class protective equipment, these speeds pose a great risk. Where the scooters will come from, organizers say they "have already worked with a recognized high-tech provider" to build them, and "will unveil the prototype later this year," although they don't name the company.

The mission behind the series follows very closely that of Formula E, the all-electric racing series that started in 2014. Formula E is not straight to push beyond the limits of electric vehicle performance. Almost all races are held on temporary road routes in some of the world's largest cities, with the aim of promoting clean energy technology in the places where it is most needed.

The same applies to eSkootr:

Government, industry and civil society representatives will meet in each venue city to define policies and practices and develop a more sustainable and actionable vision of future urban transport.

It shows how densely populated areas can efficiently build protected, sustainable city networks in which escooters, e-bikes and bicycles share space.

And it will offer a new mobility landscape to commuters in the city who have covered congested and congested routes by car for decades.

This shared vision shouldn't surprise Formula E fans, as one of the organizers of eSkootr is the third season champion, Lucas di Grassi. The Audi team driver was instrumental in getting Formula E on the road. He was the first test driver and later the biggest brand ambassador. Now he's doing the same for this new scooter series.

It is possible that eSkootr races will be held on the Formula E roads as a kind of support series, although the organizers do not expressly say so in the announcement. Formula E has long been looking for a fixed support class to fill out its all-in-one day racing schedule. In the first season, this space was occupied by the "School Series", in which students built and ran small, full-size electric cars on the road. An autonomous racing series called Roborace should eventually take the role, although these efforts are mutated, and Roborace is now more of his own thing (and is also managed by di Grassi).

Jaguar, who competes in Formula E, has organized a support series that consists of I-Pace electric SUVs over the past two seasons. But this series gets the ax this year thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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