Experience craftsmanship and history! Travel solo in Germany


In this article, I'll acquaint you with Munich, Germany, where I visited the previous summer. Germany is one of
the most secure nations in Europe, and with its silly middle age climate, it's an incredible spot to travel
alone interestingly.

This year, due to the Covid, it will be some time before I travel abroad, however I trust this helps you
plan your excursion!

Feel the craftsmanship and history
This time I visited Munich for one explanation and one explanation as it were: to visit exhibition halls and craftsmanship displays.

We visited two spots while strolling around the city with its advanced structures and orange rooftops
suggestive of the Middle Ages.

Munich's greatest fascination: the Residenz.
The Munich Rejidenz is the previous home of the Wittelsbach family, who once controlled the Bavarian

We purchased a ticket for the Rejidenz Museum and the Treasure House for 11€ (9€ for understudies) and
we will visit the Treasure House and the Rejidenz Museum in a specific order.

Close to the gathering you can lease a sound aide for nothing. If it’s not too much trouble, note that it isn’t accessible in

In the Treasure House, you can see the sparkling Bavarian crown and the earthenware really utilized by
the imperial family.

The main thing that welcomes you when you enter the Residenzmuseum is this immense lobby. It is the most seasoned
part of the royal residence. Indeed, even the roof is resplendent and strong!

Notwithstanding the straightforwardness of the outside, when you venture inside the palace, you will be astonished by the
luxurious beautification. You can see the thriving of the regal family.

The exhibition hall is enormous to the point that it would take more time than one day to go through every one of the rooms all together!
There is a labyrinth to explore, albeit the request for visits is plainly stamped, so be cautious assuming you are in a

The Alte Pinakothek Museum

From the Residenz, we continue on to the Alte Pinakothek exhibition hall. This time we strolled through the
roads of Munich. (It is likewise conceivable to arrive by transport.)

The Alte Pinakothek has in excess of 700 show-stoppers from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century in its
assortment. Magnum opuses of current German artistic creation and works of the French School are shown in
special rooms, which you can investigate.

An absolute necessity in this gallery is Van Gogh's Sunflowers!

Travel planning concept on map

I was intrigued to see very close a show-stopper that I had recently found in course readings.

Supper at the Hofbräuhaus!
For supper we went to Hofbräuhaus, the most renowned brew corridor in Munich. Here
Hitler held a major convention and raised the banner for the Nazis in 1920.

In this eatery, there are many long tables and it's normal to sit together!
The café is energetic and extremely fun, with unrecorded music performed by individuals in conventional German

A kid who was sitting outside considered me, most likely on the grounds that I was strange for a Japanese young lady.
It's an incredible method for getting to know individuals you don't know.

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