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Hi! I'm Raina from mof. understudy bunch.

This time, I might want to present the power spot "Pink Ganesha" in suburbia of Bangkok,
Thailand, which is not difficult to visit from Japan and you can appreciate ethnic air without any problem.
This time, I might want to present the power spot "Pink Ganesha" in the suburb of Bangkok,

Why don't you partake in an excursion to the "Ganesha" with my own data as a previous understudy in

In spite of the fact that you can’t venture out to Thailand now because of the spread of the new Covid, I want to believe that you
will observe this data valuable when the boycott is lifted.

Sanctuaries in Thailand
In Thailand, 90% of the populace are Buddhists and there are sanctuaries all around the city.

As of late, sanctuaries have turned into a significant vacation destination in Bangkok. Yet, for local people, they
are spots of love.

Don't make a ton of clamor, or get too associated with taking photographs and upsetting others. Let's have

Takeoff by van from the bus stop!
Withdrawing at 9:30am from Ekamai Bus Terminal, one of the biggest transport terminals in Bangkok, you will
board a 'Lottu' (huge van) and set out toward the pink Ganesha (Wat Samanrattanaram).
The excursion requires around two hours.

On the way, change to a 'songteo' (a sort of shared taxi).
It requires 20 minutes to pass through the rice field.
We at last showed up before the "Pink Ganesha"!

Offer your appreciation upon the arrival of the week you were conceived.

Whenever you enter the sanctuary, an exceptionally huge Ganesha is sitting tight for you.

Around Ganesha, there are seven mouse elephants, shading coded by the times of the week.

If you have any desire to make a wish, you ought to petition the mouse sculpture of the day of the week you were
(You don't should have the option to peruse Thai as there are guidelines in English as well!

Plug one ear of the rodent and serenade your solicitation into the other.

The point is to ensure that your desire doesn't spill out of the rat's ear.

Subsequent to making a wish to the mouse, go to Ganesha!

View of Colosseum in Rome and morning sun, Italy, Europe.

Photograph with Ganesha

The size of Ganesha is overpowering, so ensure you snap a photo of him!

This visual is very photogenic….

The visuals are exceptionally attractive… to have a decent chance of the entire thing, venture back a little and take a
shot from the left side!

In the wake of appreciating Ganesha, let's meander around the area.

Get into some exquisite cuisine around the sanctuary!
There are numerous bistros, eateries and gift looks around Wat Samanrattanaram, where the pink
Ganesha is.

The region around Wat Samanrattanaram, where the pink Ganesha is, is fixed with bistros, eateries
also, keepsake shops.

The primary thing to attempt is a customary Thai bite.

Fresh baked good loaded up with pineapple or grape jam.

Sweet thus simple to eat! Furthermore, at just 10 baht (around 30 yen) every, it was incredible incentive for cash.

Next is Kanom Thong Muang Sot, another customary Thai bite.

These tacky desserts are heated with coconut nuts.

It was likewise moderately reasonable at 40 baht (around 120 yen) for a bunch of three.

To wrap things up, the frozen yogurt!
The frozen yogurt arrives in an assortment of Thai flavors like durian, coconut and taro.

I picked "Taro", which cost 20 baht (around 60 yen) each.
Ideal for some food!

Subsequent to topping off on desserts, I was sitting tight for my songthaew to bring me back home, and lo and view!

A major cow was unobtrusively looking after the tourists…!
I made proper acquaintance with the cow, and my outing to Ganesha was finished.

What was your take?
A day to encounter numerous extraordinary things in Thailand.
It's an extraordinary spot to go if you're searching for an alternate sort of trip to the city!
I want to believe that all of you have a good time!

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