Nostalgic Taiwan



Taiwan is a famous vacationer location. Many individuals used to head out to Taiwan consistently, yet entirely the
ongoing pandemic has made it more hard to visit. We've set up a rundown of the absolute best
spots to visit in Taiwan to provide you with a sample of what it's like to go from the solace of your own
home. We're sure you'll be energized for your next trip!

Top spots to visit in Taipei
Shilin Night Market

The Shilin Night Market is an unquestionable requirement in Taiwan. No visit to Taiwan would be finished without a visit
to one of the night markets. This is the greatest night market in Taipei, the biggest city in Taiwan, the
Shilin Night Market.

This is the night market's most loved southern fare, "rou rou rice". Diced pork and vegetables are stewed
in a sweet and zesty sauce and blended in with rice. The thick pork is powerful!

The night market isn’t only for vacationers. The night market isn’t just for travelers, yet in addition for local people,
so you can partake in the neighborhood flavors without limit!

Dihua Street

After the night market, you can't miss Dihua Street, the biggest shopping road in Taipei. It's a
invigorating change from Taipei's metropolitan air, with nostalgic roads that are regular of Taiwan.

The roads are fixed with wholesalers selling a wide range of Taiwanese groceries, dried products, Chinese
medication and painstaking work. After the night market, this is an extraordinary spot to encounter Taiwanese

Dihua Street is likewise a well known place for individuals who like to purchase Chinese shoes, general shops, bins
furthermore, painstaking work. It's a tomfoolery spot to stroll around and search for your #1 products.

Taipei 101

After the night market and Dihua Street, Taipei 101 is the city's milestone shopping center. Here you
can track down a wide scope of Taiwanese keepsakes and delightful food. This high rise, with its huge,
extravagant shops and perception deck, is an extraordinary spot to appreciate Taiwan's most recent turns of events.

Lungshan Temple

This is Lungshan Temple, one of Taipei's most renowned recorded milestones. It is additionally renowned for being
one of the most impressive power spots on the planet. Around evening time, the enhancements of Lungshan Temple
are illuminated and are exceptionally lovely. Here you can partake in the ravishing design of

Public Palace Museum

Tourist riding camel in Desert

The National Palace Museum is home to the world's biggest assortment of Chinese workmanship. The National
Royal residence Museum is one of the four most popular galleries on the planet, alongside the Louver in
France, the Hermitage in Russia and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the USA, and is home to a
wide determination of porcelain, lacquerware and model. This memorable structure is additionally an absolute necessity if
you're ever in Taiwan!

Nostalgic rural spots to visit

Jiufen is renowned for being the model for the Ghibli film "Spirited Away". You'll be dazzled by the
tumultuous, nostalgic air that is a mix of Chinese and Japanese appeal.

There are numerous gift shops and slows down, so it is enjoyable to meander around and eat. Around evening time, the region is
illuminated with lamps and other wonderful lights.

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