One day trip to Koedo Kawagoe!



Hi, I'm Yuuka from the student group mof.
I'm Yuka from mof.
Why don't you spend a different holiday in Kawagoe, which is not so far from central Tokyo?

The Bell of Time and the Streets of Kura-Zukuri
A short walk from Honkawagoe Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line will take you back to the Edo
There are many historic buildings in Kawagoe, and this is one of the most representative. It has been
selected as an "Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings" by the Japanese


This is the "Toki no Kane", the symbol of Kawagoe.
I couldn't hear the bell at the right time, but it actually rings at 6am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm.

Bell of Time

Kashiya Yokocho
This is an area where you can feel like you're in a Showa-era sweet shop.
Nostalgic sweets and candy are sold by weight.

Confectionery Alley Confectionery Alley, selling sweets by measure

Nostalgic, isn't it?

Sandwich parlour Rakuraku
A great place to take a break.
Fruit sandwiches with big oranges, strawberries and kiwis and iced coffee on the roof terrace.

Fruit sandwiches on the terrace

The fruit sandwiches change according to the season.

The fruit sandwiches change according to the season.

Taking a nap on the terrace while looking at the cloudless blue sky.
I'm so happy!

Relaxing on the terrace

Kawagoe City Art Museum
I happened to see a flyer and was interested in it, so I decided to go there.
It was "Surrealism in Japan" exhibition.

airplane flight. tropical vacations.

Surrealism exhibition

There were many works with a unique touch, so it was interesting.
There are always some exhibitions going on, so why don't you come and see them?

Kawagoe City Art Museum

Hikawa Shrine
5 minutes walk from the museum to Hikawa Shrine.

It is famous for marriage.

Hikawa Shrine

Tai-mikuji" is a fortune that is drawn in a fishing style.

The fortune of a sea bream

There was also a tunnel of ema.
Please pray that your wish will come true.

Ema at Hikawa Shrine

When I looked around, I saw many couples and friends taking photos of the shrine, which seemed to
be an Instagram spot.

Kawagoe Christ Church
You can go in and out of the chapel freely.

A church in Kawagoe

It's small and beautiful.
The structure of the church is based on the image of Noah's Ark.
It was a very relaxing space.

Taisho Roman Dream Street
The last stop is Taisho Roman Dream Street.

Taisho Roman Street

This is a street lined with coffee shops and kimono shops reminiscent of the Taisho era.
I couldn't resist eating a mitarashi dango.

Mitarashi dango

Kawagoe has many buildings of high historical value.

There are also many tourists from overseas, and I have a feeling that Kawagoe will become even
more popular in the future.
A trip back in time from the present to Koedo Kawagoe is highly recommended.

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