Thursday , September 23 2021

OneDrive gets a new dark mode and an upload limit of 100 GB for companies

Microsoft improves the OneDrive upload limit and shares the integration with Microsoft Teams for business and finally brings a dark mode to the web version. The software giant today increases the size limit for upload files from 15 GB to 100 GB for all OneDrive and SharePoint users. This is a useful addition for OneDrive business users who were limited to 15 GB files, making it difficult to sync some large file types such as CAD or video files.

OneDrive for Business users will also soon get better teams that share integration. You can share a file within teams and get the option to create a shared link that allows files and documents to be shared only within a company or with third parties. Microsoft will too The file sharing in the address bar will soon be supported, so that you can copy and easily share a link from OneDrive in a browser.

New function for adding to OneDrive.
GIF: Microsoft

Microsoft is also addressing one of the most important parts of OneDrive file sharing with the new "Add to OneDrive" button. Business users can preview this new button later this month and easily add shared folders directly to your own OneDrive. This includes content shared by OneDrive or shared libraries from Microsoft Teams or SharePoint.

On the consumer side of OneDrive, Microsoft will also introduce family and group sharing later this month. OneDrive users can use it to quickly share files, photos and videos with a whole group of OneDrive users. Microsoft is finally bringing a dark mode for OneDrive on the web that matches a similar dark mode that is already available for OneDrive's iOS and Android apps. It is not exactly clear when dark mode will be available for OneDrive Web, but Microsoft promises that it will be available "soon" for both consumer and business accounts.

OneDrive dark mode.
GIF: Microsoft

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