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Real Networks 20/20 and Star Search use AI to identify celebrities in videos

RealNetworks has launched two consumer video tools that use artificial intelligence to identify celebrity faces in videos and help you figure out who you're watching.

Real's StarSearch is a browser extension that enables consumers to instantly identify celebrities and other famous people in any video streamed from YouTube, Netflix and other popular websites. It brings the power of AI to people's media and is a way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Real's streaming technology, RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser said in an interview with VentureBeat.

StarSearch by Real displays a clickable ad in a video that you can use to pause the action and identify a celebrity. If you click, you will see the celebrity's name and a short biography. You can also click through for more information. RealPlayer 20/20 is a redesigned PC media player that enables one-click video downloads, instantly recognizes and identifies people in videos and the scenes in which they appear, and organizes media libraries by people.

The AI ​​used by both comes from RealNetworks 'SAFR Computer Vision platform and is now being applied to RealNetworks' key media player product, which has been downloaded more than a billion times.

Above: Real Player 20/20 can organize your videos by people.

Photo credit: RealNetworks

"This investment takes advantage of the things we have already done because it is based on our SAFR platform, which we have already developed and launched," said Glaser. “Instead of having to reinvent it from scratch, we build on it. We are optimistic that it will be an exciting product. "

Dan Rayburn, principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said in an interview that RealNetworks technology is a harmless use of facial recognition AI that can be creepy in other contexts like video surveillance. He argued that it is not a big deal to identify celebrities online because they are public figures. With the video library, you can use the RealPlayer 20/20 to identify people you know, e.g. B. Friends and family. However, this is for your own private purposes. It's not meant to identify people you don't know on the broader internet, Rayburn said.

While RealNetworks provides StarSearch by Real for free, the company can still make money by selling advertisements on the pages people point to when they are looking for more information about a celebrity. RealNetworks has now identified thousands of celebrities and will use crowdsourcing to add more over time. So you will find that Leonardo DiCaprio has been identified, but probably not Dean Takahashi.

Above: Real's StarSearch can tell you facts about celebrities.

Photo credit: RealNetworks

Frederick Savoye, vice president of consumer media at RealNetworks, said in an interview that more than 80% of consumers often or always wonder who is on the screen they are viewing. By simply clicking on a video frame that contains a famous person, StarSearch and RealPlayer 20/20 identify famous people with a name, a photo, a current age and funny facts.

If you want to switch directly to the part of the video in which the celebrity appears for longer videos, you can do so. You can then jump to the next part where the celebrity appears, Savoye said. This can be useful when watching the Academy Awards, talk shows or your favorite YouTube show as you can instantly jump to the people you care about. RealPlayer 20/20 can optionally share the celebrities that appear and their timecode positions on the web with the StarSearch extension.

You can see how often Billie Eilish appears in a video.

Above: You can see how often Billie Eilish appears in a video with StarSearch.

Photo credit: RealNetworks

StarSearch by Real is now available as a free web extension for Mac and PC in the Chrome Store. RealPlayer 20/20 for Windows is now available for free in the United States and Canada. An expansion to other regions is planned for the end of this year.

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