The must-see and should go spots in Myanmar!


Hi! I'm Akabori from the understudy bunch Snufkin. This time, we'll acquaint you with some of
Myanmar's exemplary places of interest and a portion of its more minor must-see spots!

Showing up in Yangon!
Yangon is the greatest city in Myanmar and it is growing quickly. In the focal point of the city, the Sule
Pagoda, which has been loved since old times, sparkles splendidly.

A perspective on Yangon city

The biggest sanctuary in Myanmar, Shwedagon Pagoda
The Shwedagon Pagoda was assembled 2,500 years prior yet draws in numerous admirers.

Shwedagon Pagoda

The monstrous stupa is 100 meters high! It is overpowering to see it enlightened by the sunset.

You can't tumble off! Brilliant Rock
From Yangon we require a 4 hour transport ride to the town of Kimpung. From Kimpung, we change to a
truck and drive up the mountain. It's an outright exhilarating ride…

The truck

After 30 minutes you will show up at the top, Chaiteyaw Phaya. Brilliant Rock is situated in this sanctuary.

Chai Thyayo

The gigantic stone appears as though it is going to tumble down, however it has kept its shape since antiquated times. You
can purchase gold leaf from the shop and apply it to the sanctuary when you visit.

Slow touring is the best approach!
Coincidentally, the inquiry that is frequently examined on movement locales is "Is it conceivable to make a roadtrip
from Yangon to Golden Rock? Incidentally, the inquiry frequently talked about on movement destinations is "Is Yangon –

Brilliant Rock a roadtrip? The Japanese individuals I met by chance were all on a roadtrip and dropped
the mountain at 2pm. It is feasible to do a roadtrip, however I for one prescribe you to remain in
Kampung and take as much time as necessary to visit the sanctuary! Assuming you walk as far as possible around the rear of the
sanctuary, where there are less individuals, you'll get an extraordinary perspective on the highest point!

The view at the highest point of the mountain

Classic panoramic view of San Francisco skyline with famous Oakland Bay Bridge illuminated in beautiful golden evening light at sunset in summer, San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Inle Lake, where time streams gradually
We show up at Inle Lake by means of Bagan. It's a peaceful region away from the city, however there's a lot to see and do
in and around the lake.

Inle Lake

Morning market where you can see neighborhood life
The market in Nyaung Shwe, the center point of Inle Lake the travel industry, is an incredible method for seeing the nearby scene!

Nyaung Shwe Market – clamoring with customers

Nyaung Shwe's market is clamoring with customers at 7am. You can likewise eat in a little

The staggering Kakoo ruins
A 3 hour drive from Nyaung Shwe. There are innumerable chedis.

Cacoo Ruins

The perspective on the chedi with the ringing of the chimes connected to the top is extremely puzzling. Traffic is
not advantageous, yet it is worth to visit regardless of whether you take time!

If it’s not too much trouble, come to Myanmar once!
I had the option to converse with many individuals on this outing. I could converse with many individuals in this outing. There are a large number
youngsters in the city who can communicate in English. Individuals in Myanmar are extremely kind. They helped me
ordinarily during my outing. Pull back from the standard course and find a greater amount of Myanmar!

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