Travel booking applications – Ironhack Challenge 3



Convenience Evaluation and Site Redesign

The third trial of the pre-work stage to get recognized by Ironhack suggests the update of a
current application regarding the piece of convenience and the way to it.


From the outset, we were drawn nearer to pick one of the new thousand years world wonders as an
level headed as we would favor similarly as a client type. Since visiting India is on first spot on my list of should-dos,
the decision for the Taj Mahal was not a hard one.

We expected to pick one of the client types underneath:

Worldtrotter, Backpacker – 18-38 y/o (1)

Young get-together – 20-40 y/o (4)

Young couple – 20-40 y/o (2)

Family w/kids – 30-50 y/o(4)

Little assembling of mates – 40-60 y/o (3)

Senior couple – 60-80 y/o (2)

I picked the „Young couple" as client type since I know a couple of couples who could fit into this
objective social event:

Young couple – 20-40 y/o (2)

You and your assistant decide to go to a one of a kind spot the accompanying summer. You get you
have both saved enough for the tickets and are needing to save whatever amount as could be anticipated
for the accompanying a half year to do this excursion. You should be useful and have all that you require
facilitated to appreciate at 100 percent while there. Whether or not you're energetic, you really want to
have remarkable minutes to celebrate being together.


I stayed away from TripAdvisor at the absolute starting point because of its wide spread pervasiveness and its media
presence: When it comes to focusing on the first impression of a thing, it should be a really
new thing or potentially less regular to the singular interviewed.

I decided to pick the application Skyscanner for the comfort testing since it goes with a piece of
different little trip and travel recommandations in the mid of the presentation page. I find such
recommandations particularly sensible for young couples.

Accommodation Testing and Methodology

Sunset view of the Dubai Marina and JBR area and the famous Ferris Wheel and golden sand beaches in the Persian Gulf. Holidays and vacations in the UAE

The accommodation testing part should contain a gathering with something like 3 individuals of the client type
picked (see region „user type" above). In the pre-work material, Ironhack recommends the 5-sec test
maintained by Perfetti, 2005, which targets driving an emotional report about the first impression of an image
(for the present circumstance of the home screen).

All through the whole testing, we were using the application simply on wireless (mobile phone).


I'm positively convinced that whenever someone will organize a development into another
objective the singular will demand that Google get to know specific real factors about the goal
that could be huge for wayfarers. To make as fas as possible a reasonable reenactment, I
organized the tests by doing some investigation on:

Nearest air terminal/most supportive air terminal to objective

Cash and exchange from your own money

Clinical prerequisites: vaccination, visa, etc

Storeroom ideas

Days expected to visit interest.

During the gathering, I was helping individuals addressed (or the clients) with this data.

5 sec-test

I arranged 3 gatherings with sidekicks of mine at the age some place in the scope of 25 and 32 who
squeeze into the social affair of the client type assigned: They are all in an involved acquaintance (least 2
years) and have facilitated in a few measure twofold a development without assistance from any other individual
for themselves as well as their accessories.

Preceding driving the gatherings, individuals picked were simply given the subject „couple holiday – no
articulation of a development booking application and the area Taj Mahal.

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